How to OOTD with style? Use Rule of Thirds.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

The Rule of Thirds is a concept that comes up in architecture (hello golden ratio!), photography, art and film. The subject is divided into thirds; in these instances, both vertically and horizontally, as a composition tool. By placing your subject or focal point where those lines intersect, you create a more visually alluring and dynamic image. Given our outfits are a form of visual expression, it makes sense that this would also apply to what we’re wearing, too.

So, how do I apply the Rule of Thirds to my outfit?

The concept of the Rule of Thirds centres around where we put a visual break in our outfit. This could be defined as blocks of colour, where you’ve belted your outfit, or through the use of layers. What we want to do, is use that visual break to divide the perception of our outfit (and not our body) into thirds.

Taking the outfit I’m wearing above as an example, you should be able to see a clear visual break, highlighted with some simple colour blocking. I’ve effectively split my outfit up into proportions of 1/3 (for my sweater) and 2/3 (for my trousers and shoes). This is visually appealing, and easy on the eyes. It also feels proportionately balanced. Key here is the high-waisted trouser, and keeping a single block of colour on my lower half. If I’d worn the knit loose to the hip, it would break the outfit into two which visually would look heavy and slightly “off”.

Chances are, you’ve been doing this all along. But, it is a great tool to have in the back of your mind when getting dressed each morning.



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